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Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 05:02 PM
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Why Radon Mitigation in Schools in Winston Salem, NC is Important

Radon Mitigation in Schools in Winston-SalemAcross the news we see flashes of guns, and reports of proposed laws that would restrict their usage. The main goal behind these laws is to reduce gun violence, and in many instances, improve the safety of schools in Winston Salem, and across the nation. As we take a deep look into school safety in Winston Salem, you may realize that there is a special gas known as radon that is threatening the lives of our faculty, teachers, and students alike. Radon mitigation in schools is the only way that we can ensure that all Winston Salem students can breathe clean air.

If we want to make for certain that all of our children are attending a safe school in Winston Salem, and do not have to worry about lung cancer, then we need to implement radon mitigation in schools. Radon gas kills approximately 20,000 people each and every single year. According to new studies, radon gas is responsible for 15% of all lung cancer cases. This means that if you find seven people who have lung cancer, chances are that one of those seven people did not smoke a single cigarette, but were exposed to radon gas, and thusly have lung cancer.

The Source and Need for Radon Mitigation in Schools in Winston Salem

Radon gas starts out innocently in the soil beneath your school or home in Winston Salem, NC. It is created from the naturally occurring uranium being broken down as a byproduct. Once in a gaseous state, the radon may enter nearly any space. The most common way that radon enters Winston Salem schools is through the foundation, although it may also enter through the water supply. No matter how radon enters the school, it must be removed, or else we are only hoping that no one receives cancer.

Radon mitigation in schools can reduce levels by as much as 99% if a properly trained specialist installs an air purification system. We can ensure that all of our Winston Salem schools have clean, fresh air only if we help a bill being proposed by a congressman in Iowa be passed. The bill being proposed would provide grant funding to every school in the nation to test to determine whether or not their school has high levels of radon gas. This is extremely important as radon cannot be seen or smelled, meaning that testing is the only way to determine the threat level in each school.

Schools would then receive additional grant funding if they had high levels of radon gas. This additional grant funding would go towards radon mitigation in schools. This way we can be for certain that money is effectively improving the safety of all schools. We can help this bill pass by contacting our local Winston Salem school board members, local politicians, and even writing members of congress explaining the need for radon mitigation in schools.