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Winston-Salem, North Carolina Business Owners Weary of Radon

Vapor Intrusion Winston SalemThe threat of vapor intrusion in commercial buildings located throughout the United States is a real one. In certain locations, it is even more likely to happen. In particular, commercial businesses situated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina have a greater risk of being infiltrated by toxic vapors than in many other cities and towns. Many natural gases and toxic solvents are present in the ground. Some occur naturally, while others are there because they have been dumped by businesses that used them in the past. In some cases, improper storage of toxic solvents and gases has led to ground and water contamination.

Since vapor intrusion involves the buildup of toxic or carcinogenic gases within a closed environment, it poses a serious health risk for all of the employees who work there. It is suspected that exposure at any level of vapor intrusion can lead to respiratory illness, cancer, or other diseases. In particular, exposure to high levels of toxic gases due to vapor intrusion can lead to the development of lung cancer. Once vapor intrusion has been discovered, it is imperative that your company implement mitigation strategies to eliminate toxic gas buildup and prevent vapor intrusion from building up to high levels.

Vapor Intrusion Occurring in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Vapor intrusion commonly occurs in commercial buildings located in industrial or business sectors. The vapors seep up through the ground or ground water located beneath the businesses, entering buildings through cracks in the foundations or openings at the entry points of utilities. In some cases, the vapors can enter through windows that are set at ground level or holes in the walls beneath the ground.

As the vapors located in the ground build up in volume. Following cracks and crevices in the ground, the vapors eventually escape into a commercial building or into the ground nearby.

What Are Some of the Contaminants Found in Vapor Intrusion in Winston-Salem, North Carolina?

Quite a number of gases can be found in any instance of vapor intrusion occurring in commercial buildings located in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. They include methane gas, radon gas, natural gas, perchloroethylene (PCE or PERC), tetrachloroethylene (dry cleaning fluid), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and trichloroethylene (TCE).

What Is the Treatment for Vapor Intrusion Occurring in Winston-Salem, North Carolina?

When vapor intrusion is found in commercial buildings located in North Carolina, Winston-Salem, several different treatment options are available. However, the most commonly used vapor intrusion mitigation strategy is one that combines the use of fans to expel vapors with the installation of pressure equalization equipment. Any reputable, licensed mitigation specialist working in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area is fully capable of implementing these strategies in order to rectify your building’s vapor intrusion problem. When the gases present in the building are flammable or toxic, only non-explosive fans are utilized to prevent the danger of an explosion.