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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 @ 05:10 PM
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Winston Salem, North Carolina Radon MitigationRadon is a major problem for North Carolina commercial buildings and as a business owner, you have many important responsibilities to your customers and to the people who work for you. No matter what types of commercial buildings your business uses, part of that responsibility is testing those work spaces for dangerous levels of radon.

Find and Fix Your Radon Contamination Issue Immediately

If the commercial buildings your business occupies are found to have high levels of radon, you need to take immediate steps to rectify the situation and get rid of that radon contamination. You also need to find the source of the radon contamination in your commercial buildings and stop any additional radon from coming in.

Radon is a serious problem for business owners and owners of commercial buildings, and not one to be taken lightly, especially in Winston Salem, North Carolina. No matter where your commercial buildings are located, chances are those buildings are subject to a number of environmental regulations. Some of the regulations governing commercial buildings and radon levels are set at the Federal level, while others are set at the state and local level. If you fail to have proper radon testing done at the commercial buildings you own, you could be subject to severe sanctions, including fines and even the loss of your North Carolina operating license.

Testing your Winston-Salem, North Carolina commercial buildings for radon is important, whether you own those commercial buildings or not. If you rent the commercial buildings where your company does business, you need to ask the owner of the property about any radon tests that have already been conducted. If those commercial buildings have already been tested for radon and found to be negative, you should file those test results with the rest of your business paperwork in case any questions arise later on.

If you own a North Carolina commercial buildings where your company does business, you should keep a copy of any past radon tests on file in a secure place. The Federal, state and local laws in your area might dictate that you have all your commercial buildings tested every couple of years, so keeping the documentation from your last radon test will help you determine when you should have your next one done.

Test for High Levels of Radon

If you have not yet tested your Winston Salem, North Carolina commercial buildings for radon contamination, you should do so as soon as possible. Start by contacting a radon testing and remediation company that has plenty of experience working with business owners and commercial buildings. The radon testing needs of homes and commercial buildings are quite different, and they require a different approach to radon testing and remediation.

Once you have selected a radon testing company with experience testing commercial buildings, the next step is to schedule an appointment to have your business tested. If the results for your commercial buildings show that no radon contamination exists, you can rest easy knowing that your workers and your customers are protected. If the results of testing the commercial buildings shows that radon is a problem in your business, you can begin the process of getting rid of that existing radon and making sure that no additional radon gas can get into your business and threaten your employees and your customers.